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About Us

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Established in 2000
with Experienced IT People

About Us

PH-IT Solutions was established in year 2000, Founded By a group of IT People that have been in the Computer industry for more than 15 years. We Offer one on one mentoring, troubleshooting and support services to businesses clients. We excel in one-on-one computer training and troubleshooting services and we offer affordable and flexible IT support services solutions. We help businesses keep pace with technology and meet the challenge of employing an IT resource while meeting tough economic demands and maintaining profitability with fewer resources.

Outsourcing your IT needs to PH-IT Solutions will offer the following benefits:

  • A cost effective solution that provides the power of many: you will have one team member assigned to work with your staff, but behind that team member stands the knowledge and skills of an entire company. Other team members can be available to offer advanced or specialized services or training.
  • A partner to help surface existing and emerging technologies that may provide solutions to obsolete products or assist in determining new products that will increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Eliminate the need to send staff and partners to training classes, we can offer one on one, mentoring sessions for your staff and partners without having to leave the office, allowing for flexibility and a more efficient use of their time.

Our Approach

Executives and managers today find themselves faced with a myriad of challenges. Keeping pace with technology, managing business with fewer resources, adapting to ever-changing economic demands and maintaining profitability can deflect a manager’s focus on growing their business and results.
The question becomes how does one effectively capitalize on the resources available to maximize productivity and profitability? This is where PH-IT Solutions can be a business partner and asset in having those investments of staff time and equipment operating at full capacity.
We’ve all seen the impact of insufficient training and support in the office technology environment. Projects estimated to take 4 hours takes 8 because of the learning curve involved with learning to fully utilize a new program, or projects become delayed because of sluggish computers needing regular maintenance. Our aim at PH-IT Solutions is to proactively address these issues before they become emergencies that drain a business’ profitability.
The PH-IT Solutions model provides a unique solution to these dilemmas. We design a customized plan to suit the specific and unique needs of your business. Then we bring that plan to you working at your place. Our system makes the most of staff productivity, eliminating unproductive travel time created by leaving the office to gain additional expertise, as well as proactively managing your systems to maintain the integrity and health of your office technology systems.
We are certain that you will see in the following proposal how PH-IT Solutions can effectively partner with you to maximize efficiency while protecting your valuable resources: Time, Money, and Talent.

Mission Statement

We invest in the development of thought leadership to enhance our reputation in the marketplace, define and extend our brand, and bolster our reputation for innovation. Our goal is to draw upon research and experience from throughout our professional services organization, and that of coauthors in academia and business

Why choose PH-IT Solutions?

  • We have helped over 1,000 clients to grow their business.
  • Help businesses keep pace with technology.
  • Mentoring, troubleshooting and support services to businesses clients.
  • Maintaining profitability with fewer resources.
  • Managing your systems to maintain the integrity and health of your office technology systems.
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Microsoft Certified Partner
Symantec Partner
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