What is Cloud Services

What is Cloud Services

What is cloud Services?

Cloud Services is any IT services that are provisioned and accessed from a cloud. It can be access to pools of configurations and system resources

What is the benefits of Cloud Services?
– Anywhere Access
– Full control for IT Personal
– Minimal Management effort.

Why 3rd party Cloud computing?
Third party cloud services enable organizations to focus on their core business instead of expanding resources on computer infrastructure and maintenance. Technology evolve on the daily basis, with Cloud computing you only pas as you go. Meaning that companies will not need to buy new equipment or upgrade their equipment at all. They will just pay their monthly fees and let the third party worry about meeting all the requirements for them.

Choosing the right provider
There are a lot of companies that provide Cloud services now. you can compare between them depending on the company’s needs.

  1. What is the company needs?
  2. Monthly coast, and upfront cost.
  3. Data encryption and system Security.
  4. Data centers location and physical security.
  5. Their Backup Plans.
  6. Customer Support Services and Liability.
  7. Setup and Company Control over their Data.
  8. Fixability to meet your business needs and future upgrade options.
  9. Downtime history.