PH-IT Solutions was established in year 2000, Founded By a group of IT People that have been in the Computer industry for more than 15 years. We Offer one on one mentoring, troubleshooting and support services to businesses clients. We excel in one-on-one computer training and troubleshooting services and we offer affordable and flexible IT support services solutions. We help businesses keep pace with technology and meet the challenge of employing an IT resource while meeting tough economic demands and maintaining profitability with fewer resources.
Outsourcing your IT needs to PH-IT Solutions will offer the following benefits:
A cost effective solution that provides the power of many: you will have one team member assigned to work with your staff, but behind that team member stands the knowledge and skills of an entire company. Other team members can be available to offer advanced or specialized services or training.
A partner to help surface existing and emerging technologies that may provide solutions to obsolete products or assist in determining new products that will increase productivity and efficiency.
Eliminate the need to send staff and partners to training classes, we can offer one on one, mentoring sessions for your staff and partners without having to leave the office, allowing for flexibility and a more efficient use of their time.

Web design and SEO

PH-IT Solutions for Web design and SEO

PH-IT Solutions for web design and development
A website is your most important business marketing tool. The right URL and content elevates your visibility, credibility, customer confidence and interaction with your company.
Your website design also simplifies your business processes. Adding a custom database, integrating an inventory control or accounting system reduces time spent on paper work and enables you to share select portions of your data with coworkers and colleagues.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (search engine optimization) is a business marketing strategy that focuse on growing visibility in all search engine results. SEO involves both the technical and creative elements required to improve website rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. There are many concepts to SEO, from the words on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand.

SEO isn’t just about building search engine-friendly websites. It’s about making your site user friendly as well.

Our Strategy

We deliver new customers to your business through our search engine optimization.

Set specifications for customer to target.

Find the customers and find what interests them.

Analyze the results.

Make an offer they can’t refuse

  • Content Audit & Architecture
  • Content Strategy & Management
  • Content Development
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Analytics

PH-IT Solutions - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What we do

We deliver new customers to your business through our search engine optimization.

We offer a refreshingly transparent and strategic approach to online success through our Search Engine Optimization. Our deep technical knowledge and demonstrated expertise boosts search ranking and increase lead and sales for and small businesses.

Grow your online visibility and drive your website revenues with our effective SEO services.

Social Media Marketing
PH-IT Marketing will leverage your social media marketing pages to pull through key content including core internet marketing business values, company news, blogs posted to the website and other brand-specific milestones. Social media in internet marketing allows your brand to articulate your core media marketing values while developing a following and securing customer engagement. PH-IT Marketing team leverages a variety of platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube.
Ph-IT Marketing leverage years of experience and industry leading technologies to ensure you get business changing results along with the hard to come by leads in niche marketing and job functions that most vendors fall short on.

Audits and research

Brand building


Strategy planning and development

Demand generation


Our services approach build with your business in mind

Customers Reviews – We respond to customer reviews, collect testimonials, and cross-promote your business to spread word-of-mouth and protect you online reputation.

Email marketing – We create beautiful newsletters that keep your business top of mind and your customers spreading word-of-mouth about you to their friends & family.

Mobile Marketing – Your customers are on-the-go, we make sure that they choose your business in the exact moment they are ready to buy.

Social Media – We update and maintain your profiles, write messages that spread word-of-mouth, and use our powerful technology to find you new customers.

PH-IT Solutions Services - Social Media Marketing
Benefits of Social marketing

Increase brand awareness.

Legitimize a brand.

Increase sales.

Distribute content.

Our Procedure to create your website
We follow these process to get a full functional website that help your business grow

Design / Responsive Design

Responsive Design

We always make sure that the design should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.


Focusing on wireframe models and the visual styles and also usability of the user interface for the best possible user experience.


The first we need to gather information, identifying things like the website purpose, goals and target audience.

Development Process


Here we actually create the website using WordPress, HTML, PHP, CSS and other technologies as well.


Our mission after we launch the website is to monitor what is happening after the start enabling us to fix any possible deficiencies.


Planning includes a definition of the site map, structure and technologies that we’re about to use.


Adding contents to your website is a very important part. All optimized not only for visitors but for search engines.


We test all the technical features like coded scripts, compatibility with major browser but we also ask ourselves if the website really fulfills it’s purpose.