Protect yourself against the Phishing Emails

Protect yourself against the Phishing Emails

Protect yourself against the Phishing Emails

It’s type of online scam in which users receive emails that appears to be form of a legitimate company from major brands such as eBay, PayPal, Apple and ask you to provide sensitive information – such as credit card number, account number, passwords, usernames and more. This is usually done by including a link that takes you to a fake company website to fill in your information. These websites are completely clever fake and the information you provide goes straight to the crooks behind the scam.

How to discover if you are receiving phishing email.

- The Fraudsters often sent hundreds of emails at one time. They might have your email address but they don’t have your name. If it was a true email coming from the real company, they would know the recipient’s name.

- Look out for a sender’s email address. That is like, but not the same as the company’s official email address.

- Phishing emails often include urgent calls to action to force you react immediately. Beware of emails containing phrases like “your account will be closed soon”, “your account is due suspend” and so many phrases that freaks you out and made you click on the link without thinking.

- These emails have grammatical errors. Such as text says “Please visit Reset Account your account. Which clearly doesn’t make any scenes. You might not notice it because most of the people now a day scan their emails quickly.

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