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How to create strong passwords for all your accounts?
we all have so many online accounts that holds personal and financial information about us and our families. Those accounts are protected with a single phrase or word “Password” most of us doesn’t want to memorize a lot of passwords to access different accounts. There we do a mistake of using one password for all the accounts (THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE).

On this post we will tell you how to create strong passwords for your online accounts.

    1. Categorize your password protected accounts.
      • Email accounts.
      • Financial Accounts (Banks and Credit cards).
      • Computers and equipment accounts (WIFI, PS4, Xbox, etc.)
      • Social media accounts (Facebook, G+, twitter and LinkedIn).
      • Stores accounts (Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, etc.)
      • Media accounts (Newspapers, books, Netflix, music apps).
      • Travel and points accounts (Hotel and flight booking).
      • Other (websites you will be using only once)
    2. Create an excel sheet with a list of all the above categorized accounts you have (see Below).
    3. Now it is the time to pick words to be used as passwords in our case we will pick 8 passwords one for each category and this is how you will save it in your excel sheet.
      Word Key 1 Key 2

      • MyPassword M6P4ssw0rd MyP@$$word.
      • Pass2018Password P4ss2018P4ssw0rd P@$$2018P@$$word.
      • Password2018 P4ssw0rd2018 P@$$word2018.
      • Password1234 P4ssw0rd1234 P@$$word1234.
      • Password@2018 P4ssw0rd@2018 P@$$word@2018.
      • NewPassword N3wP4ssw0rd NewP@$$word.
      • EasyPasswords E4sy P4ssw0rds E@$y P@$$word$.
      • Me123456 Not important keep it that way
    4. In this step you will encrypt your passwords using a key that stays only in your head don’t ever
      write it down anywhere.

      • Key 1 replace vowels with numbers (a=4, e=3, i=1, o=0, u=7, y=6) only when it is not
      • Key 2 replace any characters with symbols (a=@, s=$, i=! o=0).
    5. More examples for words to be used as passwords.
      • City name Lake Forest L4k3F0r3st or L@keFore$t - Barcelona B4rc3l0n4 Or B@rcel0n@.
      • Type of food Steak House St34kH073 or Ste@kH0u$e.

This seems hard to do or remember at the beginning but we assure you that you will get used to it after
typing it 3 or 4 times.
It is important to protect all your accounts from being hacked, there are people out there that strive to get information about your identity and the people you know so they can make money from them by simply sending an email on your behalf.

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