PH-IT Solutions was established in year 2000, Founded By a group of IT People that have been in the Computer industry for more than 15 years. We Offer one on one mentoring, troubleshooting and support services to businesses clients. We excel in one-on-one computer training and troubleshooting services and we offer affordable and flexible IT support services solutions. We help businesses keep pace with technology and meet the challenge of employing an IT resource while meeting tough economic demands and maintaining profitability with fewer resources.
Outsourcing your IT needs to PH-IT Solutions will offer the following benefits:
A cost effective solution that provides the power of many: you will have one team member assigned to work with your staff, but behind that team member stands the knowledge and skills of an entire company. Other team members can be available to offer advanced or specialized services or training.
A partner to help surface existing and emerging technologies that may provide solutions to obsolete products or assist in determining new products that will increase productivity and efficiency.
Eliminate the need to send staff and partners to training classes, we can offer one on one, mentoring sessions for your staff and partners without having to leave the office, allowing for flexibility and a more efficient use of their time.

Online Real Estate

PH-IT Solutions for IT Services and web development | SEO and Google Analytics Post

Online Real Estate

Your business online presence is now as important as your real estate office or shop you can’t do business without them, your website acts as your office or shop on the web so it needs your attention, you must make it more attractive, appealing and accessible from all devices. You will have to run online marketing campaigns to get more business or at least to be present in your own market along with your local competitors.

“the bigger your store is the more customers it attracts”

Running the online marketing campaigns is not at all an easy job and it is not about spending more money to get more clients, it is more like understanding demographics of the area you do business in (City, State or even country) depends on how big is your client base not only demographics matters but you will also need to target certain type of people so you will have to have some kind if information’s about who should see your ad and when.

“be there when they look for you”

Google Analytics is one of many great tools that google offers for free so you can track your website and know how many people linked to, how long did they stay on each page and if they have filled in any forms.
PH-IT Solutions can help you run those reports and show you where are the strong and weak points whether you are missing on leads or not.

“use the right tools to achieve your goals faster”

You can track the traffic on your website and where it’s coming from
– Keywords
Google analytics will be able to tell you what keywords that you are using is getting you traffic and what the keywords that you are missing. Missing keywords means the keywords that is related to your business and people look for businesses like yours using it but you are not using on your web site.
Any business owner need to optimize the website content for organic keywords. Which is the words that people type on the search engine to find a solution, product or service provider. You must choose carefully and use the words that people really use to find you.

Choosing organic keywords seams an easy job but it’s not, you must choose the most words that is related to your business goals. You can test these words using any known campaign and to make sure that they are proven to contribute toward your business.

After you find the keywords that you are going to use in the organic SEO. You need to know where to put them in your website.
Listed below where the keywords should appear to help you rank your website organically:

  1. The Web Address (URL).
  2. The title and H1 tags.
  3. The first sentence or at least the first paragraph.
  4. Subheads.
  5. Image file names and alt text.
  6. The meta description.
  7. In links to related content.


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