Computer Viruses and Trojans

Computer Viruses and Trojans

Computer Viruses and Trojans

A computer virus is designed to spread from one computer to another, much like a flu virus, it has the ability to replicate itself. Not all the viruses type is able to damage the operating system, delete files or preformatting the hard desk. Other viruses are designed to create problems. Although these viruses can alter the way a computer operates without the permission of a user, also they need a single action from the user to be active, such as run an infected program or click on a link from unknown sender.

The expression Trojan Horse is used to describe a person or thing that is used to trick an enemy in order to achieve a secret purpose. Trojan is a type of malicious software developed by hackers to disguise as legitimate software to gain access to target users’ system. One of the ways the Trojans horse find their way to victim’s system by getting them tricked by some attractive social media adds then directed them to malicious websites. Once the Trojans find its place, it empowered the hackers to extract user’s information without their knowledge and creates a backdoor for them to gain granular access to the system. Trojans can do a lot of damage to the system such as Steal credit card information or delete, copy, modify, alter or block data.

How to protect your system from Viruses
Sometimes the operating system itself play a big role on protecting your computer. Apple’s Mac OS X is more secure and protected against the computer’s virus, because they represent such a small part of the market and they’re targeted by far fewer viruses than the windows operating system.
If you are using an unsecure operating system, then installing virus protection software is a nice safeguard.
Keep your software up to date. As technology goes fast now days, sometimes they discover a gab in the operating system that might be a good environment for a virus to be into your system. So they fix it and by updating your software you will be protected from these gabs.
Use strong passwords on your operating system and your social networks. Check our post about Passwords.

How to protect your system from Trojans
Trojan most likely need your permission to run on your computer, either when you run the program yourself.
Installing an antivirus software or a Trojan remover is the most secure option. Always keep a firewall up. Both software and hardware firewalls are excellent at controlling malicious internet traffic. Make sure it is running properly by clicking “Start,” “Control Panel,” “Security,” “Windows Firewall” and “Change Settings.” Click “On” and “Apply” if it is not already on. Be aware of the e-mails that has an excitable attached files. The word docs or PDF has no harm. Back up your information from the computer in a regular basis.


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