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IT network is a critical element in business

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IT Solutions

Managed IT Services
  • Desktop and laptop management.
  • Server Management.
  • Network Management.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Straightforward and simple local backup.
  • Automated data and applications backup, eliminating the need for costly agents or time consumed in selecting files for backup.
  • Quick and easy restoration of files — so simple it can be done by anyone.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring to make sure your data is backed up as planned.
  • Centralized control of data with few to no employee time given in backing up remote servers.
  • Rapid recovery rate simultaneous with technology that automatically restores only data changed since your last backup.
  • Fast restoration of your entire data system in case of fire, natural disaster, or theft.
  • Replacement of data servers to get your business back on track as fast as possible.
Network Security
  • Acceptable use – to specify what types of network activities are allowed and which ones are prohibited
  • Email and communications – to help minimize problems from emails and attachments
  • Antivirus – to help protect your network against threats like viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
  • Identity – to help safeguard the network from unauthorized users
  • Password – to help your employees select strong passwords and protect them
  • Encryption – to provide guidance on using encryption technology and protect network data
Cloud Services
  • Scalable – it can accommodate your needs as you grow
  • Customizable – solutions are customized to suit your business requirements
  • Mobile – important files and applications can be accessed anywhere and anytime
  • Money-saving – with a pay-as-you-go pricing structure, you can take advantage of all the cloud has to offer
Microsoft Office 365
  • Anywhere, anytime access – access to your email and integrated calendar from PC/Mac or your iOS, Android or Windows device
  • Powerful applications – get online versions of the latest Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office applications
  • Large storage capacity – get plenty of space for all your files with 1TB of storage per user
  • Communication tools – connect with your colleagues via instant messaging, web conferencing, and multiparty data sharing
  • Scalability – adding and removing users is as simple as a few clicks
  • Security – your files are safe in Microsoft’s super-secure servers
  • Support – get 24/7 support from our experts
Business Continuity Planning
  • Business impact analysis: Risk assessment and Business Impact analysis.
  • Recovering strategies: Create a strategy Plan for each risk with the least downtime and No data loss.
  • Plan Development: Organize a business continuity team and compile a business continuity plan to manage a business disruption.
  • Testing and training: Conduct training for the business continuity team and testing and exercises to evaluate recovery strategies and the plan.

We provide an antivirus that has been designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. Available as both an on premise or cloud-based solution.

five layers of protection in one high performance agent managed through a single console

  • Network – Provide protection technology analyzes incoming data and blocks threats while they travel through the network before hitting endpoints. Rules-based firewall and browser protection are also included to protect against web based attacks.
  • File – Signature-based antivirus looks for and eradicates malware on a system to protect against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, bots, adware, and rootkits.
  • Reputation – A unique Insight correlates tens of billions of linkages between users, files and websites to detect rapidly mutating threats. By analyzing key file attributes, Insight™ can accurately identify whether a file is good or bad and assign a reputation score to each file, effectively protecting against targeted attacks while reducing scan overhead by up to 70%.
  • Behavior – A leverages artificial intelligence to provide zero-day protection. It effectively stops new and unknown threats my monitoring nearly 1,400 file behaviors while they execute in real-time to determine file risk.
  • USB Storage Devices – Blocks infections from USB storage devices helping to prevent data theft.

Reporting options:

  • Alert history—A historical view of alerts and events that have occurred for one or more users.
  • Security audit—A historical view of user-generated events.
  • Firewall history—Provides a summary of firewall events for one or more computers.
  • Risk detection—Details the numerous types of risks detected in one or more computers.
  • Security overview—Provides a summary of the overall security of all computers.
  • Detailed reporting—Reports can be exported into PDF, HTML and XML formats.